TikTok Creator Needed for Innovative & Award Winning Fitness App Brand

We are a fast growing start-up making waves in fitness, and built on social…Instagram first and now expanding fast into TikTok, and partnering with some of the biggest names in strength coaching.

We’ve been working hard to help our coaches build up their TikTok followings and expand their reach beyond Instagram. Now we're looking for the perfect candidate to take over our TikTok brand handle.

We're Ladder, a fitness app that delivers the very best online strength training experience on the planet, and purposely designed for people who are already serious about fitness.

Ladder is built DIFFERENT, combining the power of a personal trainer with the accountability of a team, in the convenience of an app. It’s a plan, not a playlist. We believe that doing random workouts will get you random results, and that real change and sustainability happens when you always have a plan.

With Ladder, you get to train with the best coaches in the world, who bring new workouts every week, so you always know exactly what to do.

To-date we’ve grown our businesses direct-to-consumer and mostly through Instagram, and now we’re going ALL IN on TikTok as an organic and paid growth channel.

While this is still Day 1 for us, we’ve been publicly recognized by Men’s Health, Women’s Health, CNET, Bloomberg, and more, but what we’re most proud of is our 4.9 App Store rating across over 1,500 reviews posted since we launched in July 2020.


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This job is for you if:

  • The idea of working out on camera and teaching others about fitness and healthy habits gets you fired up.

  • You are passionate about fitness, and strength training specifically.

  • You are comfortable with workout equipment and being in a gym.

  • You are high-energy, charismatic, friendly, and have a magnetic personality.

  • You are VERY comfortable on camera.

  • You love TikTok and all things short-form video.

Here's what you'll do:

  • Film, edit, and post multiple styles of videos, primarily for TikTok, but also for IG Reels, and YouTube Shorts

  • Post 2+ times per day on our brand TikTok account, which you will own.

  • Moderate and support your community of followers by answering questions in real time (through comments and TikToks), taking feedback for future videos, and more.

  • Stay on top of the latest trends and sounds so that you can leverage them in your content.

  • Build something meaningful from the beginning, share a product that is helping people every single day, and have a ton of fun both on and off TikTok.

Here's what will make you a successful candidate and team member:

  • An excitement to be the face and voice of our brand on TikTok and to grow our TikTok presence from scratch.

  • An obsession with and a deep understanding of TikTok (and, more broadly, short form video).

  • A solid grasp on what makes content resonate on TikTok: hooks, sounds, cuts, video length, entertainment value, etc.

  • An understanding of what makes beautiful visual content: lighting, shadows, frame, composure, etc.

  • A good human who enjoys working with other good humans.

Details and benefits:

  • This position is full-time (approximately 40 hrs per week), and ideally based in Austin, Texas but we're flexible for the right candidate.

  • We have a great content studio, which doubles as a high performance training facility (aka our private gym for use by our team and friends)

  • All the workout programming and coaching and premium brand Ladder gear your heart desires.

  • Any and all recording and lighting equipment you need.

  • Competitive pay, equity, and benefits.

To apply:

Fill out our short 5 minute application.