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Are you a ROCKSTAR strength coach?

Have you built a loyal following that wants a better way to train WITH you?

Are you known for the QUALITY of your programming?

Do you OBSESS over delivering life-changing client/follower experiences?

Do you LOVE being part of a passionate, growth-minded team?

We are always looking for incredible coach partners to join our Coach team. This isn't just another tech partner who wants to build you an app. We are a world-class team of engineers, product leaders, marketers and operators who are focused on building a transformational product and business.

Our coaches are deeply embedded in our team, working side-by-side to build something truly special. They are some of the most recognized names in strength, each heavily vetted and chosen for programming expertise, personality, an ability to build and lead a community, and overall partner fit.

Our coaches are superheroes. We are highly selective when it comes to working with a coach and we have a formal recruiting process that EVERY coach goes through. Every new coach must INCREASE the caliber of our team.

What you get is the chance to build something meaningful from the beginning, the ability to share your expertise and charisma with people from all over the world, and a team of people around you who want nothing more than for you to succeed.

Does this sound like you? Complete our 5 minute app and if we think there's a potential fit we will reach out to set up an intro chat!


We're Ladder, a fitness app that delivers the very best online strength training experience on the planet, purposely designed for people who are already serious about fitness.

Ladder is built DIFFERENT, combining the power of a personal trainer with the accountability of a team, in the convenience of an app. It’s a plan, not a playlist. We believe that doing random workouts will get you random results, and that real change and sustainability happens when you always have a plan.

With Ladder, you get to train with the best coaches in the world, who bring new workouts every week, so you always know exactly what to do.

While this is still Day 1 for us, we’ve been publicly recognized by Men’s Health, Women’s Health, CNET, Bloomberg, and more, but what we’re most proud of is our 4.9 App Store rating across over 1,500 reviews posted since we launched in July 2020.


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